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Caillou: Baby Sister

Caillou: Baby Sister

When Rosie is born, Caillou is happy at first. Then, seeing all the attention given to the baby, he feels neglected. Caillou behaves like a baby again until he realizes that being a big boy has its own advantages.
The arrival of a newborn in the family comes as a shock to an older child who has had no rivals so far. The older child feels neglected. It is important to let him express his feelings of resentment and jealousy. Scolding will only lead to a loss of self-esteem.
Baby Sister reflects the conflicting emotions older children experience when a sibling is born. Caillou watches as all the adults in his life admire this unformed, insignificant infant that is his sister. Rosie really cannot do anything: she cannot talk, walk, or play.